Taking your time has its advantages. Soaking up all the influences, different styles and slants on music. Not settling for the genre of the moment. Not here just to nod to the ‘sound of now’. A sound that is based on getting on for 30 years of devotion to electronic music.

Tunnel Club are two electronic musicians from the North East of England who have been gigging and clubbing together since school in the late 80s. From DJing in the early 90s to mid 00s to producing from the late 90s to date, Stephen Key and Graeme Stoker have had a diverse set of musical experiences and loves since being teenagers. Whether it’s the music of the early 90s rave scene, trance, techno, house, garage, breaks, electronica, progressive, the electronic side of the 80s and 90s alternative and indie scenes, this list goes on: it’s all about the music. Making people dance, smile, throw their hands in the air, get lost in the beats or sit back and just enjoy, that’s all it is about. All about the music.

And that’s what they’re representing in Tunnel Club. Electronic music that doesn’t try to sit neatly in a pigeon hole. Yes, it draws on influences from all over the place, but it’s not a game of genre Top Trumps and doesn’t try or claim to be anything in particular. Electronic music in its every guise is what turns Stephen and Graeme on and that is what they’re trying to embrace with Tunnel Club.

Expect melodies, big kicks and heavy basses. Percussive arrangements with deep breaks. There will be big, long epic tunes that take you on a journey. But also simple, stripped back beats. Whatever comes along in the studio on the day that feels right.

We are Tunnel Club. Enjoy