Continig our series of features on the events, promoters and artists shaking up the north east electronic music underground, we caught up with the Kaneda Records duo Buhl / Daughters. Purveyors of thumping techno, they have featured at our Northern Exposure nights and on the Northern Exposure EP on Tunnel Club Music. Find out more about the future sound of Newcastle techno…

How did you both get into making music?

B: I’ve always had a passion for performing and creating music, from a young age it was acoustic instruments, before following the obvious route to electric guitar and an attempted percussive venture my teens. As my tastes evolved, electronic music seemed to be the logical step – downloaded Ableton and away I went! I then met this lad at Uni a few years back and things have gone onto a different level really – techno’s always been at the forefront of our creations but there’s been hip-hop collaborations and lots of other weird aliases and much more to come!

D: Similar to Bullen, I started playing acoustic instruments from from an early age. My father is a percussionist and had a studio set up in our house when I was younger, which sparked my interest in making music. I’ve played a number of instruments and have been classically trained in violin, saxophone and percussion. I started making electronic dance music in my teens, as I managed to gain software from a school friend (acid pro 4 and FL studio 8). This started off as just simple loops mimicking classic drum & bass and dubstep sounds. Fast forward to uni and I met Tom through our mutual friend Dom Apes, who had just started his label ‘Church’ down in London. By this point I’d been delving into genres like ‘future garage’ and I was keen to start producing on a more professional level. Bullen introduced me to a lot of the artists that influence our style of music, as well as the artistry of the disc jockey. We decided to start collaborating on music, so we could play to each others strengths and set off on our first project, which eventually turned into a 10 track album.

Who are the major influences on your sound?

The mechanical pulses of Surgeon. The driving, gritty percussion of Blawan. Burial’s noisy soundscapes and Brandt Brauer Frick’s minimalism.

How would you describe your sound and style?

A deep and heavy onslaught of noisy relentless techno.

How do your ideas start to take shape in the studio?

Our process has changed recently with regards to crafting tunes; as the live set has taken shape we’ve acquired a lot more gear which we’re using more and more within our compositions, so our procedure has evolved quite a bit. B/D practise sessions are essentially just jams nowadays and from here ideas always form, allowing the whole system to be versatile and way more fun, so if we’ve found a section within our live set that were digging we’ll cut it out and make a track out of it! This is only gonna continue to develop as we get more studio toys (Santa please can I have…) and form a better cohesion; as we’ve only really been playing live properly for just under a year and hopefully many more shows are gonna follow.

Before that we’d huddle over a laptop fighting over the keyboard or throw tunes back and forth via the interwebs – which we still do, just to a lesser extent. Callum’s a prolific loop maker so more often than not he’ll create something we both like the vibe of and go from there – we’re both way more productive with a more hands on approach in that sense and tracks always feel a lot more organic when the 2 of us are composing simultaneously – and it just makes sense to translate that live energy into the tracks we release.

Give us a rundown of your studio kit, do you try and take everything with you in a live setting?

Roland SH-201 Synthesiser.
Arturia Beatstep Sequencer.
PVDJ Sampler.
Push 2.
Korg Minilog.
Loads of controllers.
Cheese Savoury Sandwiches.
GRM tools


(And yeah everything comes with us when we play live)

What’s your view on the electronic scene around Newcastle at present?

We feel the scene is kinda flourishing at the minute especially within the club environment – lots of new nights are popping up as well as stalwarts such as Ape-X, celebrating their 10th birthday this year; Backdrop have developed into a mainstay of the club scene bringing forward thinking acts up here. The Jungle & DnB scene has always had a big following up here and there’s plenty of scope for that type of thing down at Worldies, as well as other massive names across the whole spectrum of electronic and dance music !
There are so many talented electronic musicians up here; plenty of killer deejays kicking about playing all sorts and an underground radio station opening for business this year. So for a relatively small city I think it caters amply. The amount of clubs represents the population; maybe a couple of later licenses for places would really improve that state of things. Imagine Cobalt & Kommunity going til 4am that would be mint! But there are still plenty of gig venues around here that are open to hosting electronic nights without late finishes. We’ve also tried to spread the electronic word with the Northern Electric Festival and our parties we organise as part of Kaneda! Records; as have you guys with your events; giving local talent a platform to show their skills ya know? There seems to be a little community of like minded forming in the underground which is only gonna be beneficial in terms of quality and output.

Other than your influences, which artists are doing it for you at present?

We’re both huge fans of Ansome – his modular set up is just beautiful and sounds he creates are crazy and pretty mind boggling – let’s hope someone brings him to Newcastle soon… Anything coming from Perc Trax and guys like Call Super, Objekt and Sleeparchive are pretty hot right now. Opal Tapes, based in the toon has also released some killer records since it’s inception – picked up a couple of bombs at his stall at the vinyl fair at Tyne Bank Brewery last weekend!

Do you have any shows lined up that our readers should know about?

As Buhl / Daughters it’ll be the Northern Electric Festival in the summer and there’s something big in the works for September… Other than that we’ll be playing at one of our future Tin Sessions – a live streamed party we throw at a wonderful space at our studio. There’ll be a couple of resident DJ slots at our BOP! parties in between. But fear not there’ll be lots of music and material coming from us in the coming months!

Finally, where can we find out more about you?

Come and speak to us in person at one of our shows or you’ll more than likely find us down at the Biscuit Tin Studios in Shieldfield – drop by for a cuppa, there’ll more than likely be biscuits too!

Shy bairns check us over at @buhldaughters on the Facebook – we’re probably more vocal on the @kanedarecords page either on Instagram / Facebook – so for updates give us a like.

Thanks to Buhl / Daughters for their time.